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Yusri Nasrallah, filmmaker, from 1996 Tahrir archive

Egyptian filmmaker Yusri Nasrallah interviewed by BN Aziz, on the U.S. release of his film "Mercedes"

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Tahrir special post, March 26, 2014

Poet and novelist Samuel Hazo and Barbara Nimri Aziz talk about hyphen-identity for writers such as 'arab-american', and his 2012 novel The Time Remaining. This is part 1 of our 3 part interview.
See our podcast April, 2 2013, on the release of 'The Time Remaining"

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Etel Adnan, 2014

Congratulations to poet Etel Adnan has been named Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres by France, Feb. 2014. Hear readings by Adnan on our webpage:

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2007 RadioTahrir Archive--Evelyn Shakir

Author Evelyn Shakir speaks about her fiction, her development as a writer with B Nimri Aziz on the release of her first short story collection "Remember Me To Lebanon". She also reads passages from her book. See our Dec. 20 blog reviwing Shakir's posthumous collection "Teaching Arabs, Writing Self".

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'Detroit Unleaded' director Rola Nashef, Dec. 2013

At the screening of 'Detroit Unleaded' in Manhattan, Nov 2013, director/screenwriter Rola Nashef talks with BNimri Aziz about making this feature film, her philosophy, and her aims as an artist.

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Tahrir archival feature from December 1997

This revisit of an early Tahrir production offers historical perspectives on an approaching Ramadan, and on Tehran's international status in 1997 as host of the 6th Organization of Islamic Conference in our comment by Hussein Ibish. Film reviewer Annisa Bouziane discusses noteworthy films in the African Diaspora Film Festival playing in New York, and we enjoy the first of many interviews with poet Lisa Muhammad. Host BN Aziz

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Archival rebroadcast from Tahrir 2004

"Fen Majnoon with Dean and Maysoon-- A "crazy arts" monthly edition of  Tahrir with comedy team Dean Obeidallah and Maysoon Zeyid.

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Tahrir April 30, 2013 Broadcast

Tahrir speaks with writer Lesley Hazelton of The First Muslim, her story of Prophet Muhammad, in our live interview; Mohja Kahf's poem "Move Over"; host BN Aziz' remarks on RadioTahrir's final regular production, completing more than 23 years work with WBAI Radio.

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Tahrir April 23, 2013 Broadcast

Poem AlArth (The Land), Palestinian Prisoner Report (Tahrir archive interview with Adameer Director); The Gorilla in the Room: recent events and Muslim American responses, with comedian Amer Zahr, open phones. Host BN Aziz 

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Tahrir April 16, 2013 Broadcast

The First Muslim: The Story of Muhammad, a TED talk by author Leslie Hazelton, with readings from the book by BN Aziz. Professor and critic Fawzia Afzal Khan joins us to assess various Muslim agendas in the USA today. Host BN Aziz.

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Tahrir April 9, 2013 Broadcast

Studio guest Ralph Poynter talks about Lynne Stewart's early work and the campaign to free the imprisoned civil rights attorney. Celebrating poetry month with poems from our Tahrir archive.

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Tahrir April 2, 2013 Broadcast

 Author Samuel Hazo on his latest novel, The Time Remaining, speaking with host BN Aziz; and the music of jazz trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf, from his new CD, WIND. 

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Tahrir March 26, 2013 Broadcast

Our March 2003 interview with Baghdad resident Souad AlRadi in Iraq hours before the US attack and invasion began (from Tahrir's archive); HansVonSponeck's 2013 report on the UN Embargo of 1990 to 2003 US, preceeding the invasion; poems by Iraqi author Lamees AlAthari. Host BNAziz  

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Tahrir March 19, 2013 Broadcast

Tahrir speaks with novelist Willow Wilson (part 2, following part 1 from  March 12, 2013); author Hanan AlShaykh speaks about her book "The Locust and the Bird" (part 1, from our 2009 interview; Tamara Issak talks with HipHop artist Gaith AlAdhami (from 2010). Host BN Aziz.

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Tahrir March 12, 2013 Broadcast

Samuel Hazo poet and author of "The Time Remaining" (part 1) and Willow Wilson, author of "Alif The Unseen" (part 1) discuss their latest novels. Our update on imprisoned civil rights attorney Lynne Stewart, with archival clips. Host BN Aziz

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Tahrir Women's Day Special

Professor and poet Mohja Kahf speaks about representations of Muslim women in history, and reads her poem "Les Odalisques". From our 2000 Radio Tahrir archive. Producer BN Aziz

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Tahrir January 29, 2013 Broadcast

Yvonne Haddad, Georgetown University professor and specialist in the history of Muslims in the US continues (see Tahrir 15 and 22 Jan/2013) our assessment with BN Aziz (see 9/17/12 blog) on gains and setbacks in our community with today's focus on Muslim women and the new generation. We include statements from filmmaker Lena Khan, musician/filmmaker Musfafa Davis. The program ends with a brief review new books for teachers and young people. Host: B.Nimri Aziz                

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Tahrir January 22, 2013 Broadcast

Professor Yvonne Haddad of Georgetown University Center for Muslim-Christian Undersanding and author of numerous studies on Islam in the USA reviews the 20th and 21st century challenges and gains of Muslim Americans (part1). From our Tahrir archive, a 1999 interview with author Ahdaf Soueif speaking about her her novel Map of Love. Host BN Aziz  

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Tahrir January 15, 2013 Broadcast

Hassen Abdellah and Barbara Nimri Aziz in conversation reviewing gains and setbacks in our communities over the years. And we recall the work of civil rights attorney Ramsey Clark and his 85th birthday Gala event Jan 12, 2013 also marking 20 years of International Action Center work.  

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Tahrir January 8, 2013 Broadcast

Focus on Algeria with part 2 of our interview with free expression advocate Ammar Kessab (See part 1 in our Dec 4, 2012 podcast) and two archival segments: a critical revew of social philosopher Alexis DeToquevile by Simone Fattalp; and nuclear scientist Al-Aboudi examines France's nuclear tests in the Algerian Sahara and their longterm affects. Host BN Aziz

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