Tahrir December 4, 2012 Broadcast

Interview with San Francisco community activist Alice Nashashibi (Tahrir archive). “Existence is Resistance” NYC HipHop Festival “Hands off Gaza” campaign. Algeria: Part 1 of interview with Algerian commentator Ammar Kessab on Algeria’s government hegemony of cultural (civic) expression. Host BN Aziz.

Tahrir Nov. 27, 2012 Broadcast

Tahrir focuses on Palestine today, before the UN Assembly vote on a new Palestine status, with a commentaries on land seizures in Jerusalem with Fouad Moughrabi, on Jerusalem history with scholar Walid Khalidi (Tahrir archive). B N Aziz reviews “The Time Remaining”, a new novel by award-winning American writer Samuel Hazo; and poems by Suheir Hammad and Lisa Majaj.