1990 Commentary on Syria by historian and author Habeeb Salloum

From his home in Canada in 1990 historian and author Habeeb Salloum, speaking with BNAziz, reviews developments he has witnessed within Syrian over 3 decades during his regular visits there since 1961. Salloum is the author of numerous books including one on the Arabic origins of Spanish words, and another on the Arabic origins of English words. At the age of 90 (in 2016) he continues to undertake research in early Arabic cuisine and to publish with his daughters Laila and Muna Salloum. (13:57). Watch for new postings of our interviews with Salloum.


Radio Tahrir 2009 Syrian Professor and TV producer Amal Dakak

Professor of Sociology at Damascus University, Amal Dakak discusses Syrian expats and her television productions on Syrian TV, speaking with BN Aziz in Damascus. (8:38)