Tahrir June 22, 2010 Broadcast

Oberlin College professor and poet Kazim Ali reads his poems and talks about his work an a poet with BNAziz; In Syria BNAziz interviews Damascus-based radio host Nidaa Hussein about her work in Syrian radio (starting @ 39:32) in Arabic with English translation; Women in Islam president Sarah Sayeed and Farhana Kheria of Muslim Advocates announce the forthcoming Dr. Betty Shabazz award sponsored by WII in NYC.

Tahrir April 20, 2010 Broadcast

BN Aziz interviews Islamic scholar Abdellah Adhami in Damascus, Syria (pt 3 in a series). Noted Iranian film director Bahman Ghobadi joins us on a visit to New York to review his productions including the latest: “Persian Cats”; Nisren Alamine provides an overview of Sudan and preparations for the forthcoming elections.

Tahrir Nov 24, 2009 Broadcast

Zuheir Jennan is a trustee of Al-Andalus Medical University in Syria, one of a number of new private universities now established across the country; speaking in Damascus with host BNAziz. (starts at 1:53).  At 16:10 Producer Phil Kai speaks with HipHop vocalist, UK-based Palestinian Shadia Mansour on her work and the Palestinian struggle (part 1 of a 2 part interview). In the final segment (at 29:54) Arab music aficionado Dawn Elder and Dr. Mohanad Hamami discuss a forthcoming charity concert in Los Angeles.