“Love Drunk”, a new collection on Rumi by Shahram Shiva

The popular ancient mystic poet Rumi has many devotees and interpreters. Shahram Shiva, based in New York is one the the foremost among today’s translators of Rumi’s work. Shiva has published 4 books of translations of Rumi work, and produced an audio collection with music. In this interview Shiva talks about Rumi and the composition of the new collection “Love Drunk”


Tahrir June 29, 2010 Broadcast

Palestinian Poet Abu Arab (in Arabic); (starting at 4:30) Tamara Issak interviews poets Layla Halaby, Sam Hazo, and Naomi Shihab Nye at Radius of Arab American Writers Conference (RAWI) in Ann Arbor, MI: attorney Hassen Abdellah discusses the issue of “material support” and its ramifications in the US anti-terror laws (starting at 30:40).

Tahrir June 22, 2010 Broadcast

Oberlin College professor and poet Kazim Ali reads his poems and talks about his work an a poet with BNAziz; In Syria BNAziz interviews Damascus-based radio host Nidaa Hussein about her work in Syrian radio (starting @ 39:32) in Arabic with English translation; Women in Islam president Sarah Sayeed and Farhana Kheria of Muslim Advocates announce the forthcoming Dr. Betty Shabazz award sponsored by WII in NYC.

Tahrir May 4, 2010 Broadcast

Syrian activist historian Nadia Khost speaks with BN Aziz about attempts by her and other citizens to protect and restore early architecture in the old quarters of the Syrian capital, Damascus. (Arabic, with English translation and voice-over by T Issak.) [starting at 5:05 in the 52 minute program]; Kamal Imani,  New Jersey based Muslim artist, poet/lyricist talks about the origin and aims of his work, with samples of his spoken words.

Tahrir March 17, 2009 Broadcast

at 6:35 Guests Ms. Abdul Rahman and Ms. K. Abba review 34 year-long Shahrawi people‘s struggle for sovereignty and freedom from Moroccan occupation; starting at 36:10, Rami Nasir reviews his organization’s plans for a new American student exchange program with Syrian students. Poetry by Dima Hillal, vocals by Souad Massi, and Qur’anic recitation from the CD Namira.