Arab novelist Ghaleb Halasa 1989 in Damascus, Syria (Part 1)

Noted Arab novelist and critic Ghaleb Halasa comments on modern Arabic literature in Part 1 of a 1989 interview with BN Aziz, in Damascus, Syria. (5:47)

London-based author Aamer Hussein in conversation

Aamer Hussein, visiting New York, reads from his short-story collection “This Other Salt” and talks with Barbara Nimri Aziz about authors of Arab and South Asian heritage in England and USA. (from our RadioTahrir archive.) AamerHussenLondonAuthor1999

Tahrir June 29, 2010 Broadcast

Palestinian Poet Abu Arab (in Arabic); (starting at 4:30) Tamara Issak interviews poets Layla Halaby, Sam Hazo, and Naomi Shihab Nye at Radius of Arab American Writers Conference (RAWI) in Ann Arbor, MI: attorney Hassen Abdellah discusses the issue of “material support” and its ramifications in the US anti-terror laws (starting at 30:40).

Tahrir, October 6,2009 Broadcast

NYC Councilman Robert Jackson and Imam Taleb in studio report on the community campaign efforts to have the city recognize the Muslim Holidays in NYC schools (starts at 4:00). Playwright and author Mujahid Ali talks with Tamara Issak about his play “Domestic Crusaders” currently on stage in New York’s East Village (starts at 34:04). Syrian student Razan‘s radio short feature based on her workshop in Damascus with BNAziz (starts at 44:30).

Tahrir, September 22, 2009 Broadcast

Hassen Abdellah announces the forthcoming Muslim American action in DC. (at 12:04) Reem Nasr speaks with Zeiba Ikhbal of  New Jersey’s Muslim Professional Association. We play an excerpt from author Hanan Al-Shaykh‘s “The Locust and The Bird” (starting at 23:05) and at 30:59 BNAziz interviews Syrian professor and journalist Amal Dakak in Damascus. Dakak produces and hosts two children’s programs on Syrian TV.