March 9, 2010 Tahrir Broadcast

Chicago attorney Deema Khalidi reports on the campaign and petitions to save destruction by Israel of Old Jerusalem’s Arab cemetery currently underway; “A Damascus street”: Syrian student Bara’a Khadra produced this radio feature in the course of a journalism workshop by BNAziz in Damascus (starting at 24:04). Syria-based Muslim scholar Abdellah Adhami talks about Arab Islamic semantics (part 2 of 3 interviews with BN Aziz).¬† Music by HipHop Palestinian-London based artist Shadia Mansour.

Tahrir, October 6,2009 Broadcast

NYC Councilman Robert Jackson and Imam Taleb in studio report on the community campaign efforts to have the city recognize the Muslim Holidays in NYC schools (starts at 4:00). Playwright and author Mujahid Ali talks with Tamara Issak about his play “Domestic Crusaders” currently on stage in New York’s East Village (starts at 34:04). Syrian student Razan‘s radio short feature based on her workshop in Damascus with BNAziz (starts at 44:30).

Tahrir September 15, 2009 Broadcast

Host Hassan Abdellah announces Muslim political campaign in DC, Esseghir reports on student information¬† campaign. (starting at 27:53) Jordanian author and journalist Rana Husseini, interviewed in Amman, Jordan talks about research on honor killings/suicides reported in her book “Murder in The Name of Honor”. And at 48:22, a short radio production by Syrian student Ibrahim Fayad based on his radio workshop with BN Aziz in Damascus.

Tahrir March 17, 2009 Broadcast

at 6:35 Guests Ms. Abdul Rahman and Ms. K. Abba review 34 year-long Shahrawi people‘s struggle for sovereignty and freedom from Moroccan occupation; starting at 36:10, Rami Nasir reviews his organization’s plans for a new American student exchange program with Syrian students. Poetry by Dima Hillal, vocals by Souad Massi, and Qur’anic recitation from the CD Namira.

Tahrir November 25,2008 broadcast

(at 1:25 a solo by visiting student Maria Papadakis; starting at 10:16, project coordinator Rami Nasir and five visiting students from Syria gather in our NY studio to speak about their exchange program in the US; at 35:10 we open the phone to listeners with questions for guests.